90 Day Inspection

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Log Book & Operating Instructions

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Log Book
Log Book Faults/Problems Complete
Operating Instructions
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Bulletins & Recalls

Any Open Bulletins
Any Recalls From The Manufacturer

Visual Inspection

CheckedNeeds RepairRepaired
Flashing Lights
Hydraulic Hoses
Chains on the Forklift
Scissor Pack
Any Visual Damage That Needs Repair Due to Safety Reasons
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Electrical & Batteries

YesCheckedTopped UpRepairedNeeds Repair
Battery Inspection
Inspect the Battery Balancer
Inspect the Electrical Wiring
Load Test The Batteries
Battery Water Level
Generator Outlets
Generator Bus Bar Connection checked and blown out
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YesNoPumped UpChecked
Tyre Pressure
Wheel Nuts Tight
Any Missing Wheel Nuts
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Functions and Controls

YesNoRepairedNeeds Repair
Function Test The Machine
Decals Readable On The Controls
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Customer Damage

Any Customer Damage
Customer Informed
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Engine & Hydraulic Service

CheckedChangedTopped UpCleaned
Oil Filters
Hydraulic Filters
Fuel Filters
Air Filters
Engine Oil Level
Hydraulic Oil Level
Hydraulic Hoses Tension & Condition

Chains & Booms

CheckedRepairedNeeds Repair
Chains Lubed
Boom Lubed
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Equipment serviced as per manufacture recommendations

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